Willamette Light Brigade Mugs  2012


This is a first in a series of Portland Bridge mugs being produced by ErrolGraphics to promote the Willamette light Brigade’s and their charge, since 1985, to  “Inspire a city, Light the Bridges of Portland."

The Burnside Bridge was selected as the first in the series of Bridges Mugs because it is the Light Brigade’s present lighting project, that it is also the geographic center of our city of bridges made it a easy call.

It is fitting that the Burnside Bridge take it’s place in the Brigade’s two other successful bridge lighting’s the Morrison Bridge and the Hawthorne Bridge. You can now enjoy the first phase of the Burnside Bridge’s lighting of the Burnside Bridge Towers. Help the brigade and our community bring the Burnside Bridge into the light at night so, like the Morrison and Hawthorne Bridges, it can be enjoyed during our evenings and mornings.

Please go to the WLB’s website at www.lightthebridges.org and go to the Burnside tab on the Navigation bar to see the vision and the Burnside come to life, at night.

The mugs can be purchased on ErrolGraphics website and at Powell's Books on NW Burnside.
The Portland Bridges print can be purchased at Powell's Books on NW Burnside, Oregon Historical Society and other participating local retailers.

Join us in supporting  the  Willamette Light Brigade

“Inspiring a City lighting the Burnside Bridge”

Proceeds will go to the WLB’s lighting of the Burnside.
Please note that The Black mugs cost more to produce and there is a limited number on hand.