CREDITS: Movies / Television / Books / Events

-Stumptown Blues 2009
-Adjustment Bureau 2009
-Ramona 2009
-Untraceable 2008
-The Education of Charles Banks 2007
-National Treasure 2004
-Two Weeks Notice 2004
-Diminished Capacity 2002
-On the Line….Chicago 2001
-Door-To-Door 2001
-What About Joan 2001
-Antitrust 2000
-The Golden Gate Bridge: 20th Century Wonders (MPI: Home Vidio)

-The Good Wife 2010-2012
-Lipstick Jungle 2008
-Sesame Street and the Chicken Television Workshop 1999 (BB)

-The American Nation: A History of the United States
14th ed. (page 456-457)
Mark C. Carnes: Bernard College, Columbia University
John A. Garraty: Columbia University
-US Government Manual 2009-2010 (Cover)
-Portland: by Jewel Lansing 2003
-After Dark: Phillip Margolin 2002 (page 259) Mt Hood Jazz