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Burnside Bridge Mug

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Burnside Bridge Coffee

The Story
Support the Willamette Light Brigade

Willamette Light Brigade Mugs  2012

This is a first in a series of Portland Bridge mugs being produced by ErrolGraphics to promote the Willamette Light Brigade and their charge to “Light the Bridges ~ Inspire the City."

The Burnside Bridge which spans the geographic center of our city of bridges was selected as the first in the series of Bridges Mugs because it is the WLB’s present lighting project. WLB is lighting the way downstream from Portland’s waterfront center and the Burnside will be the third to have its architectural features lighted – adding its charm to that of the Hawthorne and Morrison.

You can already enjoy the results of Phase 1, the of the Burnside Bridge Towers. Help WLB and our community bring the rest of Burnside Bridge into the light at night so that, like the Morrison and Hawthorne Bridges, locals and visitors alike can enjoy it during our dark evening and early morning hours.

Please go to WLB’s website at www.lightthebridges.org and click on to the Burnside tab on the Navigation bar to see the vision and the Burnside come to life at night.

The white mugs can be purchased locally at Powell’s, Floyd’s Coffee, Multnomah Village Coffee and other supporting Portland local cafés, coffee venues and retailers. Pricing for the White mugs is $14 and the Black mugs is $14.

Join us in supporting the Willamette Light Brigade in “Light the Portland’s center stage the Burnside Bridge.”