From the beginning in 1979, Mike Beard's passionate desire to make art available to everyone was the driving force behind his efforts in the art publishing market.

His belief is that in the essential role of art is to complete an environment. His dedication to visual excellence, integrity in production and affordability is always maintained.

ErrolGraphics strives not to be ahead or behind any trend but to create art that stands alone as images that are timeless and appreciated for being visually and intellectually stimulating.

Timing is everything ~ Everything matters
• If you would not put a piece of art in your own space do not produce the piece.
• An image that makes it into someone's personal space has a cause and effect on the audience.
• Our goal is to produce and promote art that impacts/touches its audience physically, intellectually and emotionally.
• We endeavor to make working with ErrolGraphics a seamless positive adventure, addressing all issues in a manner that leaves all feeling better from the experience.
• Everything matters

Errol M. Beard
Errol M. BeardA Northwest native, Mike grew up in Vancouver, Washington always drawing and water-skiing at every opportunity. After attending the University of Washington, in the School of Architecture in Seattle Michael returned home to work with his brother who was starting a retail framing business. After a few years of working retail and managing the commercial sales department for Beard’s (a company comprised of 32 stores in four states), he found that his interest was in the distribution and publishing of the art that was being framed. ErrolGraphics started developing fine art posters, prints and graphics in 1979.

Since then he’s crafted some of the most highly visible and critically acclaimed posters, prints and graphics of our time. Mike’s focus over the years has been on developing print / poster image programs for major events, corporations and organizations. A number of them ensure him a place as a proven American authority on developing successful prints/posters marketing programs.

During a stint in a corporate role as Corporate Poster Promotion Director at Nike in the 1980s, Mike initiated and implemented the marketing strategy, legal contracts and multiple channels of distribution that grew their poster sales by 1300% in its first year, and is today the model for sportswear manufacturers world-wide.

Mike’s company, ErrolGraphics, develops and markets fine art posters for direct distribution to retail markets, including depictions of national treasures (Brooklyn Bridge, Golden Gate Bridge, Empire State Building, World Trade Center, National Archives of USA), City Skylines (San Francisco, Seattle, etc.) and many more. In the past 25 years he’s created over 250 print programs often integrating art into a company’s, organization’s or event’s existing marketing program.

Although his work is his passion, his life revolves around his wife and two children. The oldest, a boy, and the youngest a girl, are both on the swim team (state participants), soccer team, baseball, basketball and play/study their respective musical instruments. When he is not participating in one of these activities he supports the Oregon Special Olympics and the Willamette Light Brigade, a Portland, Oregon based non-profit dedicated to artistically lighting the bridges of downtown Portland.