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“Companies often struggle to come up with unique promotional items. CA faced this challenge… From the very first call, ErrolGRAPHICS was amazing to work with."They were able to produce the quantity of prints requested, in the custom size required and deliver them on-site by the deadline. Mike Beard was able to leverage his network of contacts to secure a competitive rate for the packaging needed for the prints. He coordinated the order and shipment of packaging material. Mike also suggested framing… The impact of the prints went beyond our expectations. The frames were exquisite… Attendees were amazed to learn that they would receive a copy of the print as a promotional giveaway...but what set ErrolGRAPHICS apart was the level of customer service. In the end, ErrolGRAPHICS exceeded our expectations on all levels.”

Computer Associates/Netegrity
Corporate Office: Waltham, MA
Project: Industry conference
San Francisco
Item: Design/produce special art print, four framed prints; 2,000 prints with tubes





“When your Brand is everything and everything matters”

Errolgraphics provides two distinct types of services to a broad range of clients around the world:

#1 Consulting:

Your brand is everything and we’ll create a unique art print program after getting to know your present business model, marketing goals and corporate culture.

Errolgraphics creates programs that are engineered to meet and reinforce your time sensitive existing marketing goals.  Various programs can be created around your creative strategies; brand positioning or distribution and fulfillment management.
                Range of topics to be covered:
                • Potential of desired programs
                • Selecting and producing the right image for your organization
                • Distributing/Marketing your program/art print in-house
                • Budgeting for creative, production, marketing
                • Locating and negotiating with vendors in your area

Everything Matters:  When all these work together in harmony you maximize the returns in cost efficiency, revenue and promotional value.  All provide an overwhelmingly positive impact to brand reach.

#2 Fulfillment:

Your brand is everything and Errolgraphics provides a comprehensive suite of services to compliment your program development requirements.  We work with existing client resources, integrate world-class art and design, research, production and coordination of the distribution to ensure timely delivery and optimum impact for you.  When Errolgraphics is your fulfillment house, only you will know.  Your brand is everything.