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"Working with Mike Beard and ErrolGraphics was a great pleasure. Errol produced a commemorative copy of the Mackinac Bridge print for the Michigan Section of the American Society of Civil Engineers, which we gave as gifts to Founders ($1,000 donation) to the newly-established Mackinac Scholarship Endowment Fund. Our fund is now endowed with $170,000 from a one-time campaign! Mike’s expertise, collaborative attitude, and his great ideas and enthusiasm made a huge difference in getting this ambitious project off the ground. We would recommend Errol Graphics to anyone looking for a special work of art!”

James Hegarty, P.E.
President (2000-2001)
ASCE Michigan Section




In our world of accelerated obsolescence, shrinking product life-cycles and attention spans, only the fundamentals endure.
 1.  Your brand is your most valuable asset.
 2.   Your brand must be seen regularly to sell.
In this new technological world were everything matters to the company’s comprehensive marketing strategy; some Traditional Marketing Methods still play a significant supporting role.  
Promotional Art Prints is one of these significant Marketing Methods
-Made for the wall of your audience (home or office)  
-It creates the desired emotional ties without the obsolescence factor. 
-Brand attention time is determined not in seconds or hours but in terms of months and years.
-It is a timeless inspiration not only within the brand's culture but also to the general community they serve.
-Has a perceived monetary value so it can serve as a revenue stream.
Errolgraphics offers a unique and cost-effective program to keep your brand and graphic identity in front of the client, and in a way they will enjoy.  In fact, their colleagues and friends will want one, too.  We will help you coordinate an effective multi-leveled marketing print program that is not time sensitive and consciously reloads your brand identity to your audience.
The message is the brand, art is the massager.
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