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“I want to reiterate once again how pleased MACTEC is with the print you designed……Each one of our hundred offices across the US was presented a framed print that will be proudly hung in the lobbies…You captured the true essence of a fabulous structure while highlighting the engineering feat associated …
It was truly a pleasure working with you. Not only did you deliver a wonderful piece of art that MACTEC will treasure for a long time, but you made the experience rewarding and easy at the same time. Thank you again for a great job.”

MACTEC, Marketing Manager
Corp. Office: Alpharetta, GA
Project: Commemorative
Item: Design/produce special art print, 60-framed prints fulfilled/distributed to 50 states and 5 countries, 2,000 additional prints



“expose yourself to art™”

Mike BeardErrolgraphics is an independent art marketing consultancy founded by Mike Beard.  Beard has crafted some of the most highly visible and critically acclaimed nationally and internationally graphics marketing programs of our time for major Corporations and Institutions. His methods played a significant roll in the their branding process and marketing programs.  A number of them ensure him a place as a proven American authority, on developing successful print marketing programs. 

Beard initiated and implemented the national and international marketing strategy, legal contracts, production and multiple channels of distribution for over 250 art print marketing programs.

Some of Beard’s past projects:

Nike (increased sales by 1300% in its first year, and is today the model for sportswear manufacturers worldwide)

National Archives in DC (a commission to commemorate its rededication)

Mt. Hood Jazz Festival (first five years)

The Bite of Portland (the first 20 years)

Golden Gate bridge (50th anniversary celebration)

Empire State Building NYC (commissioned by ASCE Metro to commemorate it’s “One of the most significant engineering structures of the past 150 years as designated by ASCE National”

Cape Hatteras NC (commissioned by ASCE NC with the support of MACTEC to commemorate it’s “One of the most significant engineering structures of the past 150 years as designated by ASCE National”)

New Narrows Bridge (commissioned by WSDOT, Bechtel, Kiewit Pacific, Parsons Transportation Group and HNTB to commemorate the opening day dedication).
The message is the brand, art is the messenger.

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